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Royal Doulton Snowman Figures
Royal Doulton Snowman Seriesware
Coalport Snowman Figures
Coalport Snowman Seriesware

The Snowman

In 1978 a delightful Raymond Briggs' story about a boy called James and a Snowman who could fly was published...4 years later in 1982 the story was turned into a magical animated film...and now the annual TV outing of the film is as important a part of most people's Christmas as turkey and crackers!

Royal Doulton

In 1985 Royal Doulton secured a licence to produce a number of ceramic Snowman Figures and Snowman Seriesware pieces based on images from the book and the film. These were all withdrawn by 1994; but they were followed in 1999 by a series of 7 limited editions; the last of which, The Journey Ends, was produced in 2002. We have been collecting both the figures and the seriesware for many years and provide you with a comprehensive reference to both Royal Doulton Snowman Figures and Royal Doulton Snowman Seriesware with prices shown where we have the item in stock.


In 2000 Coalport took up a licence to produce their own Snowman Figures and Snowman Seriesware pieces. These have included a large number of limited editions of varying sizes plus an ongoing series of core release pieces some of which have been discontinued. We are in the process of building our collection of these pieces and provide you with an evolving reference to both Coalport Snowman Figures and Coalport Snowman Seriesware with prices shown where we have the item in stock.

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